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Danielle Laura

Danielle Laura


Danielle Laura is a 2x international bestselling and award-winning author, energy therapist, spiritual mentor, and advisor who works with conscious leaders, celebrities, and power couples around the globe.

Prior to leaving the corporate world, Danielle’s career was a continual progression of leadership in the medical field through her roles in nursing, counseling, and finally taking a position as the CEO of a medical center, giving her a keen understanding and awareness of high performance habits for success.

Since becoming an entrepreneur and choosing to pursue her gifting, Danielle has been featured in over 30 international publications and podcasts as an authority on relationships, alternative healing, and self-mastery. Her message is all about getting H.O.T. with yourself—which stands for honest, open, and transparent, as she believes that’s the first step in mastering your gifting to amplify your zone of genius and impact in the world.

As a transformation catalyst, Danielle’s work is continually in high demand because of her intuitive gift for seeing energy and pinpointing the root of an issue to heal through it, which allows her to help clients master their own unique energetic blueprint and the keys to their inner peace and fulfillment.

Danielle’s mission is to bring collective healing to the world by helping visionary leaders bridge the gap between their human and spiritual potential, taking a holistic approach of how the conscious, energetic, spiritual and physical parts of you can work in unison for your highest good, in order to truly thrive and positively affect the rise of humanity.

Danielle holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, Bachelors in Health Science, and is a Faith Based Healer.

Chris Delaney

Chris Delaney

(Masculine Embodiment,Life & Business Integration,Catalytic Communication)

Conscious Creation

Chris Delaney is a life and business advisor, speaker, content creator, and outspoken advocate for men’s mental health based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

After leaving a successful sales career in the Fortune 500 space 4 years ago, Chris became an entrepreneur out of necessity and chronicled the journey of successes and failures, which led to a strong and committed following on social media. His vulnerable and authentic messaging of navigating rock bottom, loss, and rebuilding led him to speak on stages across the US regarding connection based leadership, humanizing sales, and the power of personal leadership.

As a teacher and advisor, Chris’ gift is creating clarity by asking questions that expose core challenges and creating immediate action steps that lead to execution. This work has led to immediate financial impact in struggling businesses and catalytic transformation in the way his students and clients show up in their relationships and in their work. His open and unconditional nature mixed with his direct and humorous delivery makes complex topics simple and enjoyable to understand.

“My personal life mission is to be an example of a human being who has endured immense darkness in his past, but continues to open his heart with total faith in humanity. It won’t be by the actions we take or the words we speak, but what our presence conveys because of the inner work we’ve done that will lead to real impact in this lifetime. This is what it means to become the Beacon

Erin Foggoa

Erin Foggoa

Creative Director
Erin Foggoa is the Creative Director of Life Unchained, and is also an accomplished traditional and graphic artist,

she combines over 30 years of traditional art creation to over 15 of technical graphic experience to create her signature style.

Erin has designed for well over 400 brands, and has sold her art worldwide, including several public commissions.

She believes that this work should, above all, be fun and create great change. Erin’s mission is to use her artistic background

to bring healing to adults and children alike, working with Life Unchained has given her the artistic freedom to be able to guide

people through the challenges of stepping into their own greatness.

Erin works with several wildlife rescues, as helping rehabilitate animals is her passion..