Our Story

“Everything changes the moment you begin to learn how to make decisions based on your dreams instead of your circumstances.”

Life Unchained was just a big idea on a page in a journal in June of 2019. It was one of those “when we get to a certain level kind of success” kind of ideas where our vision definitely outpaced our collective know-how. In full transparency, the idea originated out of a lot of personal frustration as well as the frustration we saw in the narratives of almost every single client we served in our individual coaching businesses. 

That collective frustration was the experience of living in a world and serving in an industry in which strategies were sold and marketed that emphasized quick fixes, “done for you” systems, and “guru” style teaching that left people in massive debt and further away from their intentions. 

It was heartbreaking watching people we cared for feeling like they were the problem and that something was inherently wrong with them because what seemed to work for others, just wasn’t working for them. It left them jaded to the process and dejected. 

The reality was that much like traditional education in the Western world, these programs taught on the basis of short term performance, instead of long term mastery. Furthermore, they didn’t take into account the unique gifts of the individual when it came to their energetic blueprint, their consciousness, or their spiritual nature. Especially in shorter programs or subscription based programs, people wouldn’t get the real attention they needed to work their way through dissonance and really feel empowered to master the work under their own power.

It was clear to us after years of putting ourselves through the ringer of personal work, inner healing, and collectively spending what most spend on a single family home on experiential learning that what was missing was a space where individuals could pursue their own truth without having to buy into the details of someone else. A space where they could be met where they were, with principles that were evidence based and explained in simple terms. 

Finally, there needed to be a space where an individual with the desire for growth could be supported in the long term process of INTEGRATION on a physical, conscious, spiritual, and energetic level. 

Initially, Life Unchained was devised as a membership platform where we could deliver principle based training in the areas of relationships, finances, spirituality, and well being that were followed by integration focused action steps that were so simple that participants could even teach their children from the material. 

As many of you know, when you have a great idea, it never quite manifests the way you originally envisioned it…

In September of 2019, Danielle wasn’t feeling well one afternoon and went to take a nap. An hour later she woke up experiencing an intense emotional experience with tears streaming down her face. She had just been shown an in-depth vision of what she was called to bring to life. In her vision, she walked into a physical school where both children and their parents were taking classes on spiritual and intuitive gifting, energy, healing, and also rational based subjects. This school was healing the collective consciousness by teaching the subjects that would allow humanity to unify and heal generational wounding. 

We knew in our hearts that this was what the Life Unchained mission was really meant to become. A global mission to bring humanity together by providing the space and education to create connection based on personal truth seeking. A place where individuals could be challenged and taught by teachers who embodied their work and led with personal integrity. 

The “how” was surrendered as we both put our personal businesses on hold to put the foundation together to shift Life Unchained from a membership platform to bringing the team together that could help grow a global community. This led to innovative ideas being explored and a level of planning and execution that we had never experienced before. We spent days, weeks, and months pouring over how to create the space digitally so we could then bring it into the world physically. 

Today, Life Unchained is in Phase One of its growth, which includes a foundational program called Life By Design, which is designed to support an individual looking to take the first step to personal freedom over the course of a full year. We’re using social media platforms to spread massive amounts of content that provide real world and experience based practices that are designed to quickly create conscious, energetic, and physical shifts that are fueled by the demand of our community members. 

It’s because of the creative genius and loving heart of Erin Foggoa, our Creative Director, that Life Unchained also includes the Tri Vibe Collective, a conscious clothing brand designed to spread a message of connection and intention. 

The next step is providing higher level courses for those who wish to pursue work in expanding spiritual practice, conscious high performance, energetic mastery, personal leadership, and creating intentional businesses. We will expand into including other practitioners that align with our core values that lead from their genius and have a heart for teaching. This will include topics for both adults and children, men and women, and couples. 

This is just the beginning as we focus on our mission of unifying and healing humanity by fundamentally changing the way we educate and learn.