Our Mission

Life Unchained’s Core Principles

Integrity: we deliver proven strategies from those who’ve used the world and their lives as the proving grounds, “we practice what we teach.”

Authenticity: we honor the real, raw human experience and the principles that reflect it, “we meet you where you are, while we honor where you wish to grow”

Progression & Expansion: we consistently seek to push the boundaries of comfort and performance for the sake of breakthrough

Abundance Focused: we believe in infinite possibilities, “anything is possible…live limitless”

Relationship Driven: our community is the focal point of our mission, “meaningful connection leads to unparalleled possibilities”

Our Vision

Imagine a future where we see parents and children learning together to heal and transform the trajectory of their families and become beacons that cast light for others to seek their own truth.

Our vision is to unite humanity and end human suffering by fundamentally changing the way we educate and the way we learn.

We see Life Unchained as a global community where individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences can learn how to discover their personal truth and bring it to light and to life.

As our community grows, we see Life Unchained expanding into physical campuses where evidence based conscious learning will be accessible to individuals pursuing their spiritual and human potential.

Mission Statement

The mission of Life Unchained is three fold:

1. Healing and raising the collective consciousness by awakening individuals to their conscious and spiritual potential

2. Disrupting the personal education space with an unprecedented emphasis on long term mastery and integration taught by conscious practitioners who live their work and embody integrity

3. Creating a global and generational evolution in the way the human species relates to their communities, each other, their children, and the reality it co-creates