Life Unchained’s Signature Program

Welcome to Life By Design

This is all about principles that school never taught but life requires us to understand.

This is for individuals who are ready to explore their conscious and spiritual potential.

This is the Ultimate Roadmap for Creating a Life of Endless Possibility

What Will You Learn

Clarity on making powerful decisions based on personal truth and proven principles

How to create relationships grounded in love, trust, and respect

Making your faith and spirituality your own and redefining your practices

Developing powerful financial practices that will help you reshape your relationship with money

How to uncover your personal truth and unique purpose along with how to take the next steps best for you

Holistically handling your experience with stress, anxiety, and fear

How to simply and systematically create lasting change in life by integrating what you’ve learned over time.

The Investment

Monthly Subscription
$ 47 / Month

    Full Access to Course

    Truth Seeker Playbook

    Private Facebook Community




Annual Subscription
$ 470 / Annually


    Full Access to Course

    Truth Seeker Playbook

    Private Facebook Community

    2 Live Group Calls Monthly

    ($1000+/Month Value)

The Guarantee
Life By Design is a subscription based program, which means there’s no contract and you can leave at any time if life gets in the way.

Meet Your Teachers

Danielle is a 2x International Best Selling & Award Winning Author, Spiritual Advisor, and Faith Based Energy Healer.

Before her present day work, Danielle was a pediatric oncology nurse, a family/marriage counselor, and the CEO of a Medical Center all by the age of 27.

Everything shifted for Danielle when she awakened to her personal truth and decided to pursue her vision for how bringing healing to the world would take shape.

It was a sobering realization to come to the conclusion that all the change I desired to bring to the western medicine world was limited by bureaucracy and red tape. I knew that if I wanted to make the real difference I feel called to make, I had to step out in faith and blaze my own trail.

As the Co-founder of Life Unchained, Danielle’s mission is to bridge the gap between human and spiritual potential, making conscious and spiritual education relatable and accessible.

Her ultimate vision is to change the way parents and their children learn to create healing in the world.

Danielle Laura, M.A.
Co-Founder, Life Unchained

Chris Delaney is a speaker, mentor, business advisor, and outspoken advocate for men’s mental health.

Prior to this, Chris was an award winning sales and leadership trainer for small businesses and in the Fortune 500 spaces.

However, to Chris, what he did in his career was far less important than what he experienced and lived through that shaped who he had become.

“After watching my mom pass after a 21 year battle with misdiagnosed Stage IV cancer, I learned that there’s so much more to life and our existence than our physical bodies. I recognized how little I had been taught about what really mattered in life and made a commitment that I would seek my personal truth with the same courage and strength my mom had in her own life.”

Chris defines his mission as helping others discover their own personal truth and bringing it to light and life. He’s co-founded Life Unchained as a way to serve his mission and consciously change the way humanity learns and connects globally.

Chris Delaney
Co-Founder, Life Unchained